Karin has continually been an inspiration to me in terms of her leadership and teaching skills. A life long learner, Karin is a student who knows that to learn, she must teach. One of my life sayings and philosophy is “If you go into a Tai Chi class and no one is laughing–you should leave.” No one will leave Karin’s class–her sense of humour is a delight. Her skill is grounded and real, her classes are fun and rewarding. Karin takes out the mystery and leaves the magic and the joy in the art of Tai Chi.

~Jan Parker, Bowen Island BC Qigong &Taijiquan Teacher

A dedicated practitioner and instructor of taijiquan, Karin brings a kind, creative, and insightful presence to her students. Her warmth and willingness to grow as a human being are a consistent gift to our community.
~Cedar Acosta, Seattle Qigong &Taijiquan Teacher

Traditionally, Taijiquan combines strength, comfort, persistent training, diligent research and adaptive innovation. And Karin is a wonderful example of a traditional teacher and practitioner in the modern age – and with a great sense of humor to boot.
~Jim Madras, Eugene Qigong & Taijiquan Teacher

I really enjoy working with Karin as a training partner because of her sense of humor and ability to see the funny side of a situation. So often when doing Taiji push hands work it becomes hair-pullingly frustrating, it’s great to have someone who knows how to laugh at the right moment. I also really appreciate her ability to have patience and encouragement to help work through the tough spots. I can always count on her support and help when I’m trying to get something new hammered into my brain.
~Erica, training partner, 5 Section Taiji Certified Teacher

Karin, you talk us through whatever we are working on in a way that makes sense to my brain and my body. Your corrections are subtle, gentle and feel right. I feel better after you correct me; not like I’ve been corrected in the reprimand sense or that you’re pushing my body to do something it can’t. You keep the class focused on the practice. Demonstrations and discussion of applications have been useful in helping me understand the choreography better. Great goofball sense of humor.
~Chris, Taiji student

One day I over-exerted myself in picking up my toddler; straining a small muscle in the middle of my back. That evening, during standing meditation, she came over and put her finger right on the center of that particular rope of muscle, a testament to Karin’s ability to read the body and her amazing eye for spotting tension in the body.
~Matt, Taiji student

Karin is a diligent teacher and works with students a lot with little extraneous talk. I come to tai chi expecting some physical exercise in the process; I am never disappointed in this respect. Her corrections are never belittling toward me.
~Mary, Taiji student

Karin is a wonderful teacher with an intuitive sense of the body’s natural movement. She is patient and gentle in her directions to her students. She is an ideal teacher for those new to tai chi and qi gong.
~Rachel, Qigong student

Karin, you’ve had more of an impact on my life than you realize. You are able to connect with a student at the unspoken level. Your passion for teaching is evident.
~Pamm, Qigong practitioner & teacher

The most remarkable thing about Karin is that she overflows with joy. In her movement, in her smile, in her voice…you can literally feel the joy bubbling out of her. She smiles from the heart through the eyes. It is infectious, inspiring, calming and grounding. I love working with her.
~Crystal, Qigong student

Karin is one of those rare individuals who is not only a gifted practitioner of her art, but also a gifted teacher. She seems to have an intuitive understanding of taiji & qigong. She practices and teaches with integrity and a sense of joy that is contagious.
~Carol, Qigong student

Karin is a gifted teacher of Tai Chi. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the forms, and is very patient with her students.
~Ruth, Taiji & Qigong student

Karin’s spirit of kindness and compassion are expressed throughout her classes. I especially enjoyed Karin’s patience and sense of humor. Sometimes when I have been challenged and frustrated when learning new forms, she has helped me to improve and move beyond my many obstacles.
~Maryann, Taiji student