Taiji Seniors

Taiji (Tai Chi) and Mind~Body Fitness for Boomers & Beyond
Improve body awareness, cultivate efficient breathing, wake up your senses from head to hands to feet, achieve peace of mind, strengthen the body and move with ease! These classes uses specific techniques from Meditation practices, the MELT Method, Qigong and Tai Chi to boost your vitality and support a vibrant, active life.

  • Learn to breathe better—for relaxation & a longer life
  • Enhance balance—strong muscles, bones & awareness
  • Foster an attentive, alert & sharp mind—integrate new skills for brain health & cognitive function
  • Promote robust heart health—more movement & stress reduction makes a happy heart
  • Prevent chronic aches & pains—learn skills to break the cycle of chronic pain
  • Gain Peace of Mind & Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

When you reduce stress, learn to breathe better, relieve pain and gain the confidence to move more and move efficiently, the whole body functions better. These classes offer basic tools to help with all of these aspects of a happy life. You will start by increasing your whole body awareness and your full breathing capacity. We’ll do a mini-treatment to improve sensation and relieve pain in your hands and feet and then settle into an easy meditation that will give you a simple way to integrate meditation into your daily life. Then we focus on basic principles of Taiji to deepen your experience on a whole body level. We repeat basic Taiji drills and forms to integrate the practice fully. Walk in feeling stiff and stressed, walk out feeling graceful, strong and relaxed. All are welcome.

Get in touch with Karin directly for more information about session dates, fees and to register.


Tuesdays & Thursdays
9 – 10 am                 Taiji, Qigong, MELT + more…
 at the  the Greenwood Senior Center (525 N 85th St.)