Mind-Body Fitness Teacher Training

“Mind-Body Fitness for Boomers & Beyond”
Level 1 Teacher Training

The mission of this program is to train teachers in essential Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation and Mind-Body Medicine practices as well as the theoretical foundation and research based outcomes for the benefit of older adults. Trained individuals will be able to provide seated and standing classes based in these complementary approaches including traditional breathing practices, basic movement patterns, how to beneficially affect the nervous system to improve the body’s basic movement capacity and improve its inherent support, recovery and healing potential.

Course Overview
• Joint Assessments: simple warm-ups for joint mobility & range of motion assessment
• BreathWork: “360º Belly Breathing”; “Breath Reset”; “Moving & Breath Connect”
• “San Jiao” Qigong: basic movement pattern to expand breathing capacity & move qi
• “8 Treasures” Qigong: basic stretching pattern with breath to open channels & guide qi
• 5 Phase Tai Chi Arms: 5 basic arm positions emphasizing fluid movement & upper body relaxation
• 5 Phase Tai Chi Form: to embody relaxation, fluidity, identifying Center Line & Center of Gravity, improving “proprioception” or Body Sense & Awareness
• Self-Massage Techniques
• Basic Theory
• Teaching Practicum

Instructors will be able to teach students how to:
• Learn to breathe better—for relaxation & a longer life
• Enhance balance—strong muscles, bones & proprioception or whole body awareness
• Foster an attentive & sharp mind—integrating new skills for brain health & cognitive function
• Promote robust heart health—more movement & stress reduction makes a happy heart
• Prevent chronic aches & pains—learning self-care skills to break the cycle of chronic pain
• Gain Peace of Mind & Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

Certified teachers will have options to become members of our Mind-Body Fitness Network, or persue their own goals.

Ongoing support from Momentum Energy Arts will including follow-up strategies for success, continued mentorship and guidance from Karin, online support, access to materials for students, marketing materials, job placement and continuing education.

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