Mind-Body Fitness OnSite

MEA offers Individualized and Integrated Weekly Classes, Series Events, Educational Seminars and Workshops in Mind-Body Fitness

• Meditation
• Breathing Practices
• Qigong
• Taiji (Tai Chi)
• The MELT Method

Participants improve body awareness, cultivate efficient breathing, wake up the senses from head to hands to feet, achieve peace of mind, strengthen the body and learn to move with ease! Karin has over a decade of experience working with thousands of students and she seamlessly combines specific techniques from meditation, MELT, Qigong and Tai Chi to boost vitality and support a vibrant, active life.

Karin’s students:

• Learn to breathe better—for relaxation & a longer life
• Enhance balance—strong muscles, bones & proprioception or whole body awareness
• Foster an attentive & sharp mind—integrating new skills for brain health & cognitive function
• Promote robust heart health—more movement & stress reduction makes a happy heart
• Prevent chronic aches & pains—learning self-care skills to break the cycle of chronic pain
• Gain Peace of Mind & Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

Participants walk in feeling stiff and stressed and walk out feeling graceful, strong and relaxed.

Fees are calculated on curriculum and contract or series event length.
Contact Karin for more information and fee structure.