MELT Method®

MELT No Pain, All GainThe MELT Method is a collection of self-care treatments that helps reduce the negative effects of aging and an active life.

It aids in reducing chronic pain, preventing pain from overuse, misuse or disuse as well as supports our natural repair and restorative capacity.

It is based in the cutting edge science of NeuroFascial research and connective tissue, and is a simple, easy-to-learn method that makes self-care easy.

Using soft balls and rollers, we mimic the effects of hands-on therapy to enhance mind-body awareness, rehydrate connective tissue and rebalance the nervous system so more repair and healing may occur. By rehydrating connective tissue, we open up the inherent support structure of the body, relieve stress on the nerves within the tissue and reduce pain, often immediately, with long-lasting effects.

MELT can help increase the beneficial effects of many movement practices, so it is useful for anyone who wants to stay active! The MELT Hand & Foot Treatments are “global” treatments, where we treat the hands & feet to stimulate a whole body response using small balls. The MELT Soft-Foam Roller is designed for localized work throughout the body, using very specific techniques to achieve results.

Creator of the MELT Method, Sue Hitzmann is a remarkably insightful and generous teacher with an awesome sense of humor and a powerful sense of empathy and compassion for those who are struggling with pain. Karin is grateful to become a part of a community that deeply cares about empowering people with these simple self-care techniques to relieve chronic pain and improve their quality of life!

MELT in the Media!

We are SO fortunate that Sue has been given the opportunity to introduce MELT to a nationwide audience in so many ways!

Watch MELT featured on Nightline news.

And on Good Morning America.

Watch the 2012 Dr. Oz show:
The ‘Pain MELTing Workout
The ‘Plan to MELT Pain Part 1
The ‘Plan to MELT Pain Part 2
The ‘Plan to MELT Pain Part 3
More from Sue on Dr. Oz…

Watch the Anti-Aging MELT Facelift on the Rachael Ray Show:
The ‘50 Second Facelift
The ‘5 Minute Facelift
More from Sue about the ’50 Second Facelift
The science of MELT’s Facelift Treament!

Life can be hard on our bodies! MELTing helps invigorate, hydrate and relieve the “stuck stress” from repetitive use and aging. Anyone can do it. It doesn’t take that long to learn. It doesn’t take that long to do. And the benefits are BIG!

The MELT Method is absolutely valid on its own or in combination with whatever your favorite movement practice may be ~ are you a yoga enthusiast, pilates fan, a dancer, martial artist? Training for a marathon, an active athlete, a cross-fit fan, a swimmer…these treatments can help you engage completely, from hands to feet! Or for all our seniors dealing with the effects of aging, these techniques will make day-to-day life easier.

Bring MELT to your…

Yoga Studio
Hands-On Therapy Office
Pilates Studio
Cross-Fit Club
Martial Arts Studio
and more…
We are actively looking for new places who want to add The MELT Method to their offerings to give their clients the best possible way to prevent injury and improve performance.

Are you a yoga teacher, pilates instructor, cross-fitter or martial arts teacher? Sponsor a MELT Intro class, Hand + Foot Intensive or WholeBody MELT series in your studio! Bring it to your people & learn it for yourself at the same time!

We are also offering personalized events and classes to suit your schedule, in your area and with people you want to learn and practice with! Sponsor a class for you and your friends ~ an in-home, in-depth personalized workshop. We’ll bring MELT to you!