Sam Masich, Berlin, Germany
2001 to present
Yang Style Traditional Taijiquan Curriculum
Sensing Hands & Push Hands
5 Section Taijiquan Curriculum
I’ve always considered myself very lucky to have been introduced to Sam so early in my Taiji experience. His generous, thoughtful and remarkably clear instruction has influenced me tremendously. I look forward to a lifetime of study and ‘laboratory research’ with him and the high-caliber students and people he attracts through his work and art.

MELT Book CoverSue Hitzmann, NYC
2013 to present
The MELT Method
Sue is a huge inspiration to me and I am unbelievably grateful for her mastery, insight and breakthrough thinking in creating The MELT Method. She quite frankly is saving people’s lives because of her inventive mind and remarkable teaching. Without MELT my personal life would not be what is is becoming.


Jan Parker, Bowen Island, BC
2004 to present
Yang Style Traditional Taijiquan Curriculum & Push Hands
I am also very fortunate to have been introduced to Jan at the same time that I met Sam. Jan’s big heart and warm smile have inspired me and likewise her enthusiastic teaching has supported my growth and development.

Sifu Gaspar Garcia, Marbella, Spain
2004 to present
The Hands of the 18 Luohan Qigong and the Ba Duan Din (8 Treasures Qigong)
Sifu Garcia’s deep sense of compassion and intense devotion to his practices has been a motivating force in my training. He is a challenging and inspiring teacher to work with and I am grateful for his dedication to his art and teaching.

Ken Wright, Seattle, WA
2003 to present
Push Hands
I am so thankful to Ken for guiding me early on into and through the study of Push Hands. He has contributed greatly to my pursuit of interactive practices and I look forward to working with him at any opportunity.

Kim Ivy, Embrace the Moon, Seattle, WA
2000 to 2007
Yang Style Taijiquan, The Hands of the 18 Luohan, Jade Body, 1000 Hands Buddha and Essence Qigong
My first teacher, Kim, and school, Embrace the Moon, offered many years of rewarding training; the opportunity to help facilitate a new, dedicated location for the school; and the space to recognize and cultivate my own abilities as a teacher.