Momentum Energy Arts
Karin Collins, MEA founder
offer services and products to
“…be happy from the inside out & the outside in…”

Are you looking for ways to maintain an active & healthy lifestyle?
Do you appreciate creating positive change for yourself and those around you?
Are you interested in participating in a lifestyle that fulfills your desires & dreams?

We may have an answer for you…depending on your time & interest!

For over a decade Karin has been teaching Taiji & Qigong, ancient practices that continue to be cutting edge MindBody Fitness. As a Certified MELT Method teacher, she teaches self-care skills to reduce pain and improve performance with the ground-breaking techniques of The MELT Method. As a Brand Partner with the remarkable company, Nerium International she is excited to share their principles, their age-defying products and their unparalled business opportunity.

Taiji, MELT & Nerium are our trifecta ~ our winners in the race of life

How much time do you have to feel better…be happier…have more fun?


“I have ‘no’ time.”

  • But you enjoy having vibrant, healthy & young skin? The Nerium AD products are a great start.

“I have some time, I’d love to boost my income and secure my retirement plan for good!”

  • The Nerium AD products + becoming a Nerium Brand Partner will help you achieve your goals .


The MELT Method

“I have time to do a little self-care, to make sure I’m aging not just well, but great.”

  • Learn The MELT Method and make it a habit. It’s simple to learn & easy to do! Begin with the MELT Hand & Foot Treatment in a class or a private consultation.

“I am dedicated to keeping my active, healthy life-style pain free & performance enhanced!”

  • Learn MELT Hand & Foot + the MELT Whole~Body Soft Roller Moves & Maps in a class or private consultation. Make them a consistent practice, only 10 minutes a day will do, and prepare to be amazed at the results you will feel!


Taiji & Qigong

“I’m looking for a MindBody Fitness practice that I can do for a lifetime. I understand it takes time to learn, but I will dedicate myself to feel the benefits of a long-term Practice.”

  • Taiji & Qigong are perfect. Not just fitness, but meditation, daily living principles and the opportunity to deeply realize the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of mastery through a practice that is cultivated over a long period of time.

Contact Karin for private sessions or classes in The MELT Method and Taiji & Qigong or a One-to-One meeting to learn more about Nerium.

MEA is dedicated to helping people create positive change and a ripple that extends to family, friends, community and beyond.

To Live Longer, Better
To Be Active & Pain-free
To Find Calm
To Create the Freedom to Fulfill Dreams